About Us

Kafel Aid is a British humanitarian organisation operating within the UK and internationally with a primary presence within East Sudan. Kafel Aid focuses on supporting Eritrean refugees worldwide.

Kafel Aid aims to transform community’s sustainability, by providing academic and vocational training to young refugees supporting them to become future professionals. By creating micro-economic projects, we propel their individual success through their locales transforming their communities. We also recognise the importance of treating medical issues for refugees, so we provide medical treatment and medicines for diseases of the eye such as cataracts.

Your donations help us change communities in cycles of poverty and provide them with sustainable aid that goes beyond the monetary value of a donation.


Our vision is of a world where everyone is free to live without the reliance on aid for their basic needs of life, or living with constant injustice and where everyone can lead independent and secure lives.


To work with our partners to ensure that poverty is eradicated from the lives of the most vulnerable, whilst empowering them to create their own destination.


To have a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve - to become further educated, competent, independent, effective and cooperative individuals.

Kafel Board

Dr./ Awolkhier Mohammedseid Nurhussien
Chair Man
Nejat Mehammed
Solayman Hamed
Abdulhakim Saleh


Our primary purpose is to support the Eritrean refugees in two main areas: Firstly, we focus on qualifying young refugees who quit further and higher education following the regional conflict to complete their educational career. Secondly, we aim to equip trainees with a needed working toolkit to aid them to manage their future career.

The main reasons for their sufferings apart from political factors in our opinion is the way charities work to support refugees through food rations and short-term support, we believe that refugees are in through sustainable support and vocational training which will help refugees to rely on themselves to generate income rather than aid organisations.

Abdulhakim Saleh, CEO